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Delectable mushroom dishes for autumn

© Africa Studio / Fotolia

Button mushrooms, chanterelles and ceps are in season right now. These are among the top culinary highlights of late summer and autumn.

It’s easy to clean mushrooms with a soft brush or cloth; you should only wash them carefully under running water if they have a lot of dirt on them. In general, you won’t need to peel fresh mushrooms, either. Cut out unsightly blemishes and cook mushrooms while they are still fresh.
If you're using dried mushrooms, remember to soak them in advance.

Flavoursome varieties can take your risottos, sauces, soups and meat dishes to a new level, and can be used in lots of different ways. When braised, fried or sautéed, the subtly nutty taste of different mushrooms really comes into its own.

We’ve put a small selection of mushroom recipes together for you here.