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Delicious low-carb dishes

© Yulia Furman / Fotolia

A balanced diet is vital for healthy living. Of course, it’s up to you exactly how that might look. There is an array of different approaches, ranging from weight-loss plans through to complete dietary change. Low-carb choices are now hugely popular among those who are looking to eat healthily.

If you’ve already opted for a low-carb diet, you’ll be familiar with the fine print of this approach to eating. First and foremost, it’s about avoiding or reducing consumption of foodstuffs that are high in carbohydrates. This generally means that you won’t eat more than 100 grams of carbohydrates a day, while you can eat larger quantities of foods with a high protein and fat content. The emphasis here is on increasing your protein intake.

Your day-to-day diet should contain plenty of eggs, meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products. We’ve put together some tasty and balanced low-carb recipes for dishes that you can make with your Monsieur Cuisine here.