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Monsieur Cuisine mini: something scrumptious every day!

Now for budding little chefs

How would your little one like to make their own waffle batter or chocolate cake, all while having fun? Children aged 3 and over can now do just that with the new Monsieur Cuisine mini. The new toy from Monsieur Cuisine allows children to get stuck straight in to five easy yet delicious recipes, transforming them into little chefs. The Monsieur Cuisine recipe developers have been careful to use only natural sweeteners, such as honey, so youngsters can conjure up their own healthy, child-friendly desserts.

Children choose between five different recipes that have been pre-installed on their Cooking Pilot. The system is based on the big Monsieur Cuisine, with every recipe explained using icons, making them easy to understand and guaranteed to be a raving success. The following recipes for children are pre-set in the Cooking Pilot for the Monsieur Cuisine:  

  • Chocolate milk
  • Vanilla yoghurt
  • Waffle batter
  • Raspberry yoghurt
  • Chocolate cupcakes

It’s also easy to get children to help with the cooking without relying on the pre-set recipes. There’s nothing to stop you cooking together as a whole family. While Mum and Dad bake waffles and bread rolls, the children can get on with cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast. Simply insert the mixer attachment, put two eggs in the blender jug, add a little seasoning and process for 5 seconds on setting 5. If you want it a little fluffier, repeat the process once more. Young cooks can even help to decorate biscuits or cakes – another brilliant opportunity for family time. ;-)A simple sugar frosting is ideal for decorating butter cookies and couldn’t be easier to make in the Monsieur Cuisine mini. 

Sugar frosting recipe

  • 8 tbsp icing sugar
  • 2–2 ½ tbsp lemon juice

Put the icing sugar and lemon juice into the blender jug and process for 15 seconds on setting 5. Use the spatula to scrape down the insides of the blender jug if necessary, then process for another 15 seconds on setting 5. If the sugar frosting is still too thick, you can add a little lemon juice. Tip: Simply remove the plastic knife attachment from the Monsieur Cuisine mini and use the frosting straight from the mixing bowl. :-)

The Monsieur Cuisine mini is simply perfect for introducing children to the world of cooking and baking through play, while also nurturing their creativity. Their first experience of cooking can be alongside you in the kitchen, or anywhere that they like to play. The Monsieur Cuisine mini is battery-powered, so it doesn’t need to be kept in any one place. It’s easy to pack up and take with you on holiday or carry out into the garden. As with the big Monsieur Cuisine connect, the mixing bowl, lid, plastic knife attachment, mixer attachment and the steamer and its lid are dishwasher-safe. In other words, even cleaning it is absolute child’s play. :-)

Let budding chefs give free rein to their creativity. Here’s to lots of fun cooking together as a family!