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Pumpkins: tips and recipe ideas

© Daniel Vincek / Fotolia

It’s that time of year again, with pumpkins galore! Colourful pumpkins greet us in all their glory in the supermarket, at market stalls or at local pumpkin festivals. Big, small, smooth, gnarly, yellow, orange, green or spotted: the choice is simply vast. And most varieties can be used to make plenty of tasty dishes besides the classic soup.  We’ve put together some handy pumpkin tips and recipe ideas for you here.

What do you need to look out for when buying pumpkins?
A fresh pumpkin will feel heavier than its size might lead you to believe – the lighter a pumpkin, the bigger its core and the smaller the amount of pulp. You could do the tapping test, just as you would for a watermelon: if it sounds hollow, the pumpkin is fresh. If the skin of the pumpkin is firm, matt and undamaged, there's nothing to suggest that it will be anything other than delicious. If you're not going to be cooking your pumpkin immediately, you should keep it in the cellar or another cool place, ideally at 10–13 °C.

Pumpkins packed with flavour
Every variety of pumpkin has its own distinctive taste. You can really bring this flavour out by adding seasonings. Onion, garlic, curry powder, chilli or cinnamon work particularly well.  
And if you end up with leftovers, whether raw or cooked, they can be frozen without any further ado.

Watch out: Ornamental pumpkins might be pretty, but they aren't suitable for consumption.
Have fun cooking pumpkin dishes in your Monsieur Cuisine!