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The Monsieur Cuisine family

The appliances from the Monsieur Cuisine family bring fresh zest to your kitchen.
Whether in a classic or state-of-the-art modern design, complete with wireless connection and a touchscreen display, the Monsieur Cuisine makes cooking and baking less work and more fun.

Monsieur Cuisine édition plus and the Monsieur Cuisine connect

Compare the models

Stainless-steel mixing container (cooking capacity)
2.2 litres
3 litres
Cooking insert
Blade attachment
Stirring attachment
Steamer attachment (deep-sided and flat) with lid
Inbuilt scales
In-pot weighing
Tare weighing function
Wireless interface
Boiling function
1,000 watts
1,000 watts
800 watts
800 watts
Rotational speed
approx. 120 to 5,200 rpm
approx. 120 to 5,200 rpm
Temperature setting
from 37 to 130 °C
from 37 to 130 °C
LD display
7-inch touchscreen display
10 speed settings
Turbo function
Anti-clockwise rotation
Clockwise rotation
Automatic programs
90-minute timer
99-minute timer
Dishwasher-safe accessories
Hardback cookbook
Pre-installed CookingPilot recipes
Recipe app with favourites and shopping list functions