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Your very own kitchen assistant


The Monsieur Cuisine édition plus brings an element of fun back to the kitchen. Cooking and baking are no longer chore involving hours of chopping vegetables, constant stirring of sauces or laborious kneading of dough. Let this multifunctional kitchen aid do the work for you, preparing fresh dishes easily and quickly, from tasty soups and sauces and a range of vegetable, meat and fish dishes to delicious desserts, baked treats and healthy smoothies.


The kitchen all-rounder



The Monsieur Cuisine édition plus is a single machine offering lots of practical functions that would otherwise require a plethora of different kitchen appliances and lots of individual steps. Instead, you can weigh ingredients directly on the inbuilt scales, chop, knead and stir food, or boil, roast and steam your dishes using this multi-talented device.

Cooking with Monsieur Cuisine édition plus is…

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    The Monsieur Cuisine édition plus is a true all-rounder. It combines the functions of lots of different kitchen appliances in a single machine, thus saving you from labouring over individual tasks. The different accessories are all provided and can be swapped quickly and easily as required.
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    This smart kitchen aid allows you to prepare fresh dishes and baked goods quickly and easily. An absolute hero in the kitchen, it not only takes the pressure off you when it comes to everyday cooking, but also proves valuable back-up when you need to make more elaborate dishes or baked goods. This frees up time that you can enjoy spending with your partner, family or friends instead.
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    The Monsieur Cuisine édition plus makes the perfect partner for light and healthy cooking. Thanks to short preparation times and its steaming function, it locks in valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Cooking with your food processor also means that you only need a minimal amount of fat.
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    Use your kitchen all-rounder to have even more fun cooking your favourite dishes, classic cakes and popular smoothies. Try out our wealth of Monsieur Cuisine édition plus recipes or draw upon your own inspiration to come up with culinary creations.
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Technical specifications

  • Cooking function: 1,000 Watts
  • Mixing: 800 Watts
  • Rotation speed: approx. 120 to 5,200 rotations per minute
  • Temperature adjustment from 37°C to 130°C
  • Temperature setting adjustable in 5°C increments for precise cooking

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  • Reverse setting for kneading dough and stirring soups and stews, etc., without crushing the ingredients
  • Inbuilt kitchen scales (up to 5 kg) with tare weight function
  • Three automatic programs: kneading, steaming and frying
  • Large removable stainless steel mixing bowl with 2.2 litre capacity, including a lid with an opening for filling and a measuring cup
  • Accessories: steamer with lid and flat steamer basket, cooking insert, knife attachment, stirring attachment and spatula
  • All of the accessories are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free
  • LC display for setting the time, speed, temperature and showing the current core temperature
  • 10 speed settings and an additional turbo function for boost mixing
  • 90-minute timer