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Take a look at our FAQs, too – you may well find the answer to your question is already there:

User manual in PDF format

Check that the mains power cable has been properly inserted into the power socket. Then press the ON/OFF switch on the back of the appliance.  

You can change the settings on the machine only if the blender jug is in place and the lid is closed. To operate the appliance using the selected settings, press the power button (START/STOP).

Safety first: the lid of the blender jug has to be tightly closed to prevent hot liquids from escaping while the machine is mixing. There is a risk of scalding! If the lid is not properly shut, the lid symbol will appear on the display or the machine will stop operating.

Processing strongly coloured ingredients such as broccoli, pumpkin, curry, turmeric etc. can lead to a discolouration of the lid.
To guard against discolouration, we recommend that the inside of the lid is lightly rubbed with oil. If it is already discoloured, it will help to rub the lid with oil before cleaning since the natural colourings are fat-soluble. Where there is strong discolouration, it can help to lay the lid out in the sun for some time. Over time the discolouration will fade.

If the motor of the device has to work hard – when kneading thick doughs, for instance – the heat generated by the motor causes a smell. This is no cause for alarm – the smell is completely harmless. Give your appliance a little break, leaving it to cool off for 30 minutes before continuing.

In order to ensure a good mixing consistency, the motor does not run evenly at the lower levels.  

At a temperature setting of over 37 °C the speed can be set only at up to level 3. If you wish to use a higher speed setting, please adjust the temperature to 0.


If it has not been used for a short while, the Monsieur Cuisine édition plus automatically goes into standby mode. In this state, the appliance uses less than 1 watt, but remains ready to use at any time. In order to completely disconnect the appliance from the mains, press the ON/OFF switch on the back. Disconnect the mains plug from the socket.

Check whether the lid is properly closed. If the lid seal or the seal underneath the blade is not in place, this can cause liquid to escape. Please fit the seal and make sure that it is positioned correctly. Damaged seals must be replaced. The appliance should not be used until this has been done.

Check whether the steamer basket is properly locked into place and that the steamer function is switched on. This is selected by pressing the steamer button, and you can then start the process by pressing the START/STOP button. The steamer symbol is shown on the display (see Operating Manual, section 11). Once the right temperature for steaming has been reached, the set time starts to run. The steamer function may not work if there is not enough liquid in the blender jug, so this should also be checked.


Press the TURBO button, holding it down for a few seconds. Once you release the button the appliance will stop. Repeat the process if you have not yet achieved the desired consistency.

The TURBO button will work only if all of the settings are at 0. You should therefore check your speed and temperature settings. If the temperature of the food is ≥ 60 °C the button is disabled for safety reasons.

Apart from the basic machine, all of the parts are suitable for dishwashers. We recommend that you use your dishwasher to clean the blade attachment and the seals only occasionally.  

If you have any questions about our product or its functions, please contact support:

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